FanToken applications

While NFTs are a bit more open and permissionless in terms of creation and listing for everyone, reagrding FanTokens there is currently no automated process for their creation, minting and listing on the Marketplace. A FanToken involves many tasks to be performed by both the creator and Sinfonia and also includes some small expenses, especially if subsequent to listing you wish to create an incentivized pool as well.

Also, only individuals or entities belonging to the music industry will be able to have a FanToken (eg. an artist, record label, festival, club etc).

Therefore, before you contact us about creating a FanToken make sure you read up on what a FanToken is, what you can do with it, and what are the best ways to take advantage of it in the Exchange and Yield Farming sections of this documentation.

Below we attach a document created specifically for FanToken owners as an everyday guide on how to best employ such a powerful, innovative and revolutionary tool to create that close, win-to-win relationship with their Fans and users.

Once you have gathered all the info we have made available to you and you are ready to create your Music FanToken, feel free to fill out this form. We need you to fill it out seriously and provide us with all the details we need or those you consider relevant, so that we can speed up the evaluation and eventual creation/listing process.

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