Connect to Sinfonia with Keplr

In order to connect to Sinfonia via Keplr, you must have a BitSong wallet generated. If you don't have a BitSong wallet yet, create a wallet and then come back to this section.

  1. Go to Sinfonia App. Check the box after you have read the disclaimer on the risks. Click on Proceed button

2. In the upper right corner you will find the "Connect to Keplr" button, click on it and approve the connection by signing the transaction with Keplr.

3. Now in the upper right hand corner instead of the "Connect to Keplr" button you will see your connected wallet. When making transactions, before signing them with Keplr, always make sure that the wallet shown on the Sinfonia UI in the upper right corner is the same with the one in Keplr's browser extension, otherwise you may encounter errors in signing the transaction.

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