A podcast is a form of media content designed as a collection of digital audio files. Think of it as the modernization of the radio. Each individual audio is called an episode and can be downloaded or listened to online.

Whether it be news, sports, celebrities, finance, or lifestyle, there is an endless list of subjects in today’s most popular podcasts that ensures anyone can find something entertaining. Successful podcasts come from both recognizable companies and small creators alike.

Like any digital asset, podcasts can even be turned into NFTs. While visual NFTs are often most talked about, audio NFTs could be the medium of the future. They would offer an experience for the listener. Podcast hosts could allow fans to bid on a chance to own their favourite podcast episode. By offering non-fungible podcasts, hosts can strengthen their relationship with listeners and promote a greater sense of community.

Using NFTs as podcasts is a creative way for creators to engage their listeners, and for listeners to be rewarded. This idea has endless possibilities and benefits for everyone involved in the art of podcasting.

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