FanTokens are the artistโ€™s economy, used to create their own currency in the native ecosystem. FanTokens have become popular in sport, allowing clubs to mint their own cryptocurrencies to create a new economy based around fan loyalty. Theyโ€™re created by anyone with a following and traded just like Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. However, FanTokens come with additional benefits, to be decided by the issuer. In Sinfoniaโ€™s case, the issuer is the artist and/or their label company.

For musicians, FanTokens offer truly transformative potential because they provide a means for artists to connect directly with fans.

For example, taking a cue from the sports industry, artists could let FanToken holders vote on topics like the next destination for a gig or the song line-up. Fans could use tokens to buy exclusive experiences like a behind-the-scenes meet-and-greet or limited-edition merchandise.

Even smaller aspiring artists can use FanTokens to their advantage. They can mint an allocation for sale and use the proceeds to crowdfund a music video, a studio album, or a tour.

Sinfonia allows various artists or their label companies to create their own FanTokens each having a diverse scope and ability of customization depending on their particular needs. What will the users be able to find inside the platform and what will they be able to do with their FanTokens?

  • Customized, branded FanTokens issued by their favorite artists and bands

  • Users can hold, trade, LP, or redeem their FanTokens for VIP rewards

  • Artists decide on FanToken benefits and experiences.

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